Need help setting up Karaoke

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Need help setting up Karaoke

ViestiKirjoittaja phuc_kwe » 9.3.2012 17:24

Let's me tell you my situation first then you can give any ideas to help me out. I have Acer laptop (mic, line-in and audio-out jacket), Samsung LED TV UE40D5005 (RCA 3 colors red, black green for video and 2 color white, red for audio; the tv also has PC audio in 3.5mm jacket). I have bought 2 RCA cables (one with male, and the other with female) and I also have several 3.5mm cables (3.5mm prolongation x2 cables, 3.5mm male-3.5mm male). After many attempts plugging them and trying with the 2 microphones (Philips SBC MD110, 3.5mm cables themselves & 3.5mm-6.5mm switch included by the producer). Feel like I am desperate! Could you please help me to set the things up? I would like to have my voice over the TV. As the laptop has karaoke software with thousands of songs itself but the laptop speakers and speakers don't sound as good as TV speakers.
I haven't figured the way to hear my voice from TV speakers, as only the playback sound comes out from the LED TV. I connected my microphones directly to laptop mic jacket, it doesn't bring the sound to the TV, neither do the PC audio in jacket & RCA jacket in the TV when connecting microphones directly to the TV.

I really don't know much about line-in jacket, any chance it could help? since it can convert analog sound (from microphone) to digital sound.

X) If I would need a computer software to convert my analog voice from microphones to laptop, please name some and guide me in specific way (connecting mics to laptop, then transfer voice through laptop to TV)?
Y) If I would need a Audio Mixer/ Amplifier/ Pre-amplifier, since I am very confused which one among them and which way I do, so please specify which one and how I do with them, (mics to that device to laptop to TV OR mics to that device to TV), as the laptop must always play the background sound for karaoke.

Could you please help me out with some suggestions? Thank you very much for any ideas and suggestion coming up.
Sorry for the post in English, it is much faster for me to write all and mention the problem.
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Liittynyt: 9.3.2012 17:22

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